Where to store your passport and money on a trip?

This is a question that often comes up: where to store your passport, your money and your important papers on your trip? What is the safest place: in the hotel room or always on oneself? I thought about it a lot, I was well informed, and now I have an unstoppable method. By following these tips, you will never be in trouble, even if one day your stuff is stolen!

Rule # 1: All that is precious is in the backpack or suitcase.

It’s statistical; you’re less likely to steal your backpack than your purse. Rip-off flights in the street, or hands that go out into pockets in the middle of a crowd, are commonplace in many countries around the world. On the other hand, it is much more dangerous for a thief to venture into a hotel room and try to find money in the bazaar of a suitcase.

In the backpack (or suitcase), do not leave your money or your precious documents in evidence! My passport and my papers are in a waterproof bag (to avoid the humidity that can infiltrate in case of heavy rain) and slipped into an inner pocket not necessarily visible at first glance. My money is divided into several small rolls and hidden in various corners of my backpack.

To make sure your belongings are safe when you leave them at the hotel, you can also get a Pac-safe net, especially if you sleep in hostels. If a thief enters the dormitory full of backpacks, he will not risk taking half an hour to recover what is in your secure bag; no … he will catch one of the bags left unattended and escaped quickly!

Small note on transport:

Public transport is often the perfect time to commit a robbery. Personally, I still refuse to put my backpack in a trailer or on top of a bus. I’d rather keep my backpack on my lap for two hours than leave it out of sight. If your bag or suitcase is too bulky to keep it always with you, transfer your money in your purse during the time of the transport and keep it well in hand!

However, despite all the precautions that can be taken, it is of course always possible to be stolen (or just lose!) your backpack. For this reason, I always, always, have on me:

1 – Enough money for two or three days

2 – A photocopy of my passport

3 – The card of my travel insurance with the number to contact

This helps to prevent any emergency! In addition, having one (or more) photocopies of your passport allows you to leave your passport well hidden all the time. When I am asked for my passport in a hotel or other, I always take out the photocopy rather than the actual document (you never know)!

Before leaving, I also send an email to myself with a scan of all my papers. In case all my belongings disappear suddenly I will not find myself stuck in the country and I will have the possibility of arranging quickly things with the embassy and my travel insurance.

Otherwise, you can also learn karate…


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