To be shy and live well, is it possible?

To become red when speaking, to have palpitations when it you have to give your opinion or to refrain from doing things because you don’t find the strength to do it … Shyness is a lack of confidence that limits us in our evolution. This lack of assurance forces us to stay in a small corner to avoid getting noticed and wait for the attention to pass on another subject. But being shy can be a source of frustration if it is misunderstood and frustrates us. However, there are lines of work in personal development to better live, to finally find a self-confidence to release his emotions and his word!

To fear the eyes of others

By being shy, you have probably felt the urge to interact with other people, but you did not dare to start. You are afraid of the look you could have on yourself and the feeling is so overwhelming that you are stuck in yourself. Your discomfort is palpable and this sometimes causes stuttering or awkwardness that confirms what you think of yourself! And yet others do not necessarily think that you are uninteresting, fearful or you lack confidence, as this article describes well for example.

Are you shy or anxious?

One can be anxious without being shy, but often shyness is related to anxiety! It is because you are shy that you create anxiety and fear an event that will happen. Shyness induces a disabling nervous tension and can be of real power. The shy person is often filled with social anxiety. But what will one think of me? What will happen if I speak? what People are going to think about me? And from these questions, you trigger a feeling of discomfort, your body sweats and you can have cotton legs!

What if it coming from your esteem?

To denigrate is a great specialty of a lot of shy people! Judging yourself badly while others love you is the art of sabotaging your strengths. We then tend to see everything in black inside us: “I cannot do it”, “I’m afraid to say what I think”, “I lose my ways and I prefer to stay at home”.

These sentences we have heard so much. When one of our friends says it, he is told that he is wrong and that, on the contrary, we are in awe of him. Yet you do it with yourself! We must look for the source of this process, this inability to discern our own strengths and to focus on our flaws. The problem often comes from the representation of yourself and your self-confidence.

Understand why you are shy:

You must know that shyness is not inevitable! Your loved ones are often used to defining you as shy. But this state of affairs is not immutable. It is possible to change things in order to live better with yourself. You have to understand why you have become shy, look within yourself to better understand your blockages.

Of course, we do not put everything on the back of parents! But often, the harm is deep and your shyness may have appeared in response to a reaction from your parents that tended to belittle you or that did not leave you room to express yourself. Parents who overprotect their child also cause a feeling of not being able to do without them. Relatives greatly influence our way of being, but once we become aware of it, we become responsible for the rest of the way.

Personal development, to accompany you to serenity:

Forget the miracle methods to no longer be shy in 10 days! It’s not about making you a stage beast or turning you into a person you’re not. To no longer suffer from shyness, do not fall into the extreme either. We will be looking for a balance between your reserved nature and your ability to express yourself without fear of others.

To acquire an inner calm:

The timid person often reveals the chaos that invades him as soon as he has to express himself in front of other people or when he is in a situation that makes him in turmoil. Personal development will help you develop areas of calm inside you. That is, you will be able to stop the little animal running in the wheel of your brain. The goal is to calm you down, stop the process of creating your own fear and return to a more temperate feeling.

By regaining a zen attitude, you will feel better and you will not be won over by the terror you create yourself. Your fears are not often legitimate. You have to be able to balance things out and take away fears that have no basis in restoring self-confidence. Once you have developed this calm, your inner well-being will reflect on others and you will embody a person who has confidence in her.

Develop your oral skills:

The less you talk, the less comfortable you will be! You are not told to jump into the arena without preparation, all high level athletes prepare for the competition with exercises. This is also what your evolution towards more serenity will ask. With a few exercises, you will gradually gain confidence without being in terrible pain that could block you even more.

To get better, do not play a role that would not be you. If you are reserved, calm or not very expressive, there is no need to become totally exuberant to exist. Find the person you really are, recognize your value and move forward more serenely without always being on the lookout for a possible mockery that will probably never happen!

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