Sleep during flight: how to sleep like a baby during a flight

Everyone loves to travel, discover new cultures and discover new landscapes. But before that, we often have to first survive several hours of flying. So that your trip goes perfectly, follow these 8 tips that will make you sleep like a baby!

1) A little sport!

To avoid physical pain, before taking the plane, think about stretching, relaxing or, better yet, a little yoga before you leave.

2) A suitable outfit.

Drop the heels and your dresses. Jogging, sneakers, t-shirt, the perfect outfit for a comfortable trip. Also, avoid wearing flip-flops, do not forget to take what you want: a sweater and warm socks, to be ready in case of falling temperatures.

3) Closer to the clouds, you will sit down.

Choose the seat next to the porthole and stay imperturbable. you will not be spoiled by the trips to the toilets of the other passengers, or the hostesses and the travelers who pass in the corridor.

4) Do not forget all the essential accessories.

Covers, cushion, earplugs, stockings … Be careful not to forget anything!

5) The sleep of the day before, you will diminish it!

The night before your trip try to sleep less. If you are used to nights of 8 hours, reduce your sleep by at least 3 hours. Once installed on the plane, you will fall asleep faster.

 6) A complete meal a sufficient hydration:

Our body needs calories to work properly. And while traveling, whether you’re in lazy, shopping or adventure, we eat a lot more calories than normal. We must think to eat well its 3 to 4 meals a day: meat, starchy foods, fruits and vegetables, to stay in shape and avoid the feeling of relapse that makes us turn directly to the sweets. Especially remember to hydrate yourself.

7) Avoid alcohol and caffeine:

 Alcohol and foods or beverages that contain caffeine (such as coffee, tea or soft drinks) keep you awake during the trip and prevent you from getting sleep. Resist the temptation to have a coffee before the flight and just drink water or juice when the drink cart appears in front of you on the plane.

8) Light, you will hide it!

If screens or other touch pads provided in flight can be useful distractions, they also tend to disrupt sleep.

9) A sweet song, you’ll fall in love!

Isolate yourself from external sounds and put on your headphones, pre-listen to soothing sounds by selecting a musical relaxation program on your onboard screen.

10) Find a comfortable position:

Use the footrests if you cannot extend your legs to let the blood circulate. Also be careful to position your neck well!

12) Use essential oils:

Nothing is better than lightly spraying your cushion with lavender essential oil. The beneficial effect of the smell is twofold. On the one hand, it will help you relax and on the other hand, it will isolate you olfactory if your neighbor has the misfortune to choose sardines with blue sauce as a meal.

13) Set an alarm:

Set your alarm to sound 30 minutes before landing. Once you have fallen asleep, you may not want to wake up again. Rather than being awakened by lights or a captain’s announcement, set an alarm on your Smartphone so you have time to pick up your mind and get ready before landing. By waking up 30 minutes before landing, you will have time to go to the bathroom, collect your sleep kit, put on your shoes and prepare to disembark while fully rested


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