Airport: Five Ways to Kill Time

It happens, right?  Either there is a delay, or you were so stressed over lines for your low cost flight that you just got too early to the airport. At that point, you find yourself facing an impossible task of making the time pass. Let’s face it: airports weren’t designed for fun. Even though the amenities have mushroomed over the past years, an airport isn’t an entertainment place. Luckily, a couple of hours in an airport aren’t an absolute drag. Here are some travel’s recommendations on 5 ways which can help you kill time:

Do what you’d do at home

Each gate space, it feels, has a TV tuned to CNN. Catch up world’s event, and if the TV doesn’t turn you on, pick up a newspaper or magazine. No one can really tell what some crazy celebrities could be up to.

Exercise your mind:

Reading is both pleasant, and an excellent book definitely makes the time pass. Novels, especially, are perfect for this, since they are sufficiently long to make even the most troublesome of delays disappear. Travel always with a few books, you never know when your mood changes or you’d need more books to read than you expected.

Create value:

If you never find time at the office! Well, the airport is about to solve that problem find an electrical plug and Wi-Fi, if it’s accessible. Then take advantage of the opportunity to be productive…you’ve always wanted it.

Examine the backs of your eyelids:  

If the weather is awful or your delay is long, just sleep.

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